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Thazhath Neelamana Illam


Thazhath Neelamana Illam is among ancient Brahmin families of Payyanur, situated at Varikkachal, Perool which is about 15 kilometer to north east from Payyanur. The main deity worshipped is Dhoomabhagavathy and offering Gurusi/Guruthi. The Sreechakram worshipping also considered as sacred here.

Also worshipped Panchuruli, Gulikan, Kurathiyamma, Yogeeswaran and Bappiriyan as Upadevathas. All these deities are worshipped in the form of Theyyam in every year.

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രാവിലെ 6 മുതൽ 8 വരെ


6 മുതൽ 8

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